Friday, September 17, 2010

This week at Ole Miss

Sunday- Phi Lamb Commitment night
Monday-BEEEAUTIFUL weather. ate at the jc with Lay.
Tuesday-bsu worship and running with Ali and Issac and a beautiful dog!

Wednesday-Laura Jo and Stephanie came to visit me and the Mags! We went to square books and enjoyed some delicious food at Old Venice on the square. These ladies are so inspirational to me. I spent the night with Layken and Jill we ate cookie dough and watched Almost Famous.

Thursday- a.m.- bike riding with Jill.I found myself enjoying some frozen yogurt from yaya's, listening to some jack johnson, and venturing through the woods to William Faulkner's house.. supposively it's haunted!

Friday- Phi Lamb Slumber party
Saturday- to come.. Ole Miss Footballlll!

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